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Huaneng and Enel signed MoU to strengthen technological cooperation

On October 14, China Huaneng Group and the Italian energy company Enel Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at strengthening technological cooperation. The Memorandum was signed by Mr. Hu Jianmin, Vice President of China Huaneng Group, and by Mr. Livio Vido, Head of the Enel Group’s Engineering and Research Division.

Under the framework of this MoU, the two companies will carry out substantial cooperation in environmentally-friendly technologies in power generation, so as to deal with the environmental challenges faced by the energy sector.

Before the signing ceremony, both parties exchanged opinions and shared experience on project engineering and management, energy saving and environmental protection, etc.

Enel Group is the second largest utility in Europe, with its businesses covering production, distribution and sales of electricity and gas. In 2012, the sales revenue of Enel Group reached 109.093 billion US dollars, ranking 52nd in the Fortune 500 Companies.

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